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anyone still there?

is anyone out there playing the new sudoku-variant called kenken? it's similar to sudoku but it also includes basic math operators

well, if anyone is intererested, you can play games online at:


or you can add the online game to your google homepage or any website at




Anyone still out there?

Anyone still out there on this list? Looks like there hasn't been a post in nearly a year.

I just found a great little sudoku book and am working my way through it. Mastering Sudoku Week by Week. Its broken up into a bit on instruction on a particularly solving technique, then a puzzle or two that you need it for, then more instruction, etc. Up through the XWing and Swordfish and stuff like that.

Also..I realllly like the unusual sudoko..like the killer/sum suduko, the one with oddly shaped boxes, the X kind with a diagonal x in the middle. Anything. I've got another cool book Color Sudoko that has about every variation and is all in color. Well I guess they don't have the samurai sudoko but they have a ton of varieties in it. Who else likes the weird ones and if so what ones?
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The state of the craze?

Any thoughts about where you see the hobby of solving sudoku?

It seemed to me to explode about a year ago with magazines and books taking up shelves of the big bookstores. It has since waned for me personally as I can only solve so many before filling one in feels mechanical.

Has it the staying power of the other pencil puzzle favorites, the crossword or word search?

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It doesn't seem as though anyone knows of the Su Doku handheld game sold at Wal-Mart? My mom got it for me for Christmas and I haven't put it down since. It's much easier than getting it in a newspaper or book. It has Beg. and Adv. Levels, 4 on each. On the Beg. levels, the numbers blink if you place them in the wrong spot, but on the Adv. they don't. It's pretty cool.