Anderea (jilangmartyl) wrote in sudoku,

Interesting Site has anyone heard

I was just wondering has anyone heard of this company Geostar Publishing, LLC, this is the site of you pay $17.00 via Pay Pal Pay To:  Geostar Publishing, LLC 
Payment For:  "How To Solve Sudoku Puzzles" eBook Amount:  $17.00 USD
and they ship you and ebook of Suduko tips.   I was just curious has anyone tried this.
I know how to do Suduko but I am having problems on really tough ones and where to pick them up as to number placement instead of going through placment of the pencil marks and not being able to enter in the correct numbers.  I was looking for ideas of tips.  I have read a couple of forums and even here and some of things I already know.  But I have a site of and they have Evil puzzles and I was wondering how to work on these. 




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